Does Policing Change The Personalities Of Officers?

Since integrity and ethics falter after time one in a law enforcement job, then why isn’t there a mandatory term of service? I won’t deny that the job is stressful and it will alter your perception of people. But when any one officer gets so tainted in their beliefs and behaviors, that they become a danger to the people they have sworn to protect and serve, it is the duty of the people in the community and the department that employs them to DO THE RIGHT THING, not the political thing and pull them from the streets and get them the help that they need to help put their ethical compass back to true north?

What happens instead is that another set of police officers do an ‘internal investigation’, when have you ever seen a internal agency ever be completely honest in their investigations of ‘one of their own’? NEVER. It isn’t human nature, it is human nature to protect those that you care about or have an affinity to, police are human the last time I checked so I am unsure what keeps police officers in an internal affairs department from showing any bias, when it was stated clearly already that after time on the job, it changes your ethics and integrity.

So I’ll answer the question that you pose at the end of the article. How should that be handled? First why was the boyfriend arrested first? because the girl’s face was beat up? Was that the only reason? Personally I know of a few males both husbands and boyfriends that get abused regularly by their wives and girlfriends. And you don’t know if it was the boyfriend that gave her those bruises, since she is a meth addict it could have been her dealer or a fellow addict. So first of all, why was the boyfriend arrested and removed? Because after seeing that scene, I would want to talk to all the parties, before I determined who was going to sit a night in jail, from the limited information provided, I may have left the children with the boyfriend who could have been the children’s father, but that question was never asked either.

And like I have seen on a million police shows, since is customary to cuff first and ask questions later, that also could have been employed while more information was gathered so it could be determined who was the perpetrator in that particular incident.

So the one thing that should have been addressed was a suggested solution, as it stands it appears that the author is more than OK with an unethical police force as long as we understand why they lack integrity and ethics. Because there has never been any real disciplinary action against any officer for their utter lack of respect of the people in the communities in which they serve and are paid by.

Source: Does Policing Change The Personalities Of Officers?

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