Inmate letter reveals concerns about confinement and COVID-19

While the DOC repeatedly says that they ‘have a plan’ to keep the people that are in their care safe. I am not so sure.

I’d like to speak to any of the followers here that have a loved one in any of the prisons or jails in Wisconsin, please let us know if what we read in the papers is true or is the reality far different?


Data on the DOC’s website shows 8 DOC employees have tested positive for coronavirus in various facilities, but there are no known positive cases among inmates. If an inmate would get COVID-19, the inmate, along with those who had contact with them, would be quarantined. On the website it says, “Each institution determines the area within their facility most conducive to such isolation procedures. Individuals that are quarantined for any contagious disease are quarantined in separate areas.” According to the DOC, visitations and inmate transfers have been suspended, inmate movement is limited and wellness checks are being carried out on those deemed to be high-risk. If the virus spreads, like the anonymous inmate fears, the DOC says it has a contingency plan in place. It’s activated the Department Emergency Operations Center to help coordinate resources, staffing and medical surveillance agency-wide.

Source: Inmate letter reveals concerns about confinement and COVID-19

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